What is a Bless Ambassador?
A Bless Ambassador has a heart for community, a heart to help others, and a passion for Bless! They believe in the purpose and mission of Bless, are motivated to use and share the app regularly, and help foster the culture of Bless. Bless Ambassadors see the value in the gift that Bless is and want to do all they can to use, promote, support, and propel the vision forward while impacting their local communities and the world!
Our Purpose is Powerful

The purpose of Bless is to provide a pure platform for humanity to share a need without judgment, but not without accountability. To meet the needs of others with intention! We give on purpose with purpose to change lives and impact generations, ultimately bringing communities together to help one another, one need at a time, in every part of the world!   
Our Mission is Clear and Simple
Share a need. Meet a need. Uniting humanity through the power of Bless.
Through Bless, we are re-training humanity and cultivating the Bless Culture through the app and in daily life.
The Bless Culture
We want humanity to know:
It’s okay to SHARE A NEED. Need doesn’t make you needy, it makes you HUMAN!! Need affects us all, we all have needs, and it’s okay to share them because when you SHARE others KNOW, and knowing empowers others to HELP. You can share a need without judgment but not without accountability on Bless because we want your life to be BETTER.
What this means: Love and kindness should always love you up, this means being on Bless should change your life for the better. Change occurs with accountability. We can hold members accountable in two specific ways.     
Through Vouch for me. Vouch for me helps others know you can be trusted. We should set the example and encourage every member of Bless to have as many people as possible vouch for who they are.
Create a culture where members are encouraged to share needs AND offer help! Sometimes we may find that humanity needs a little nudge! As ambassadors, you can send messages to those who appear to be only sharing needs to encourage them to offer to meet a need in some capacity. We ALL have something to give! Often when people are in a constant state of need they can’t see past it unless someone shows them. That’s what we do! Help them to realize that in offering to meet the needs of others they will find their needs met and of course lead by example!

Gone are the days of the“get rid of” mentality. Through Bless, we meet needs with intention. We GIVE ON PURPOSE WITH PURPOSE to change lives and impact generations. There is so much power in us! In our gifts and talents, and even in our gently used items, it’s amazing what can happen when we set out to meet a need this way!
Characteristics of a Bless Ambassador:  
  • Have a heart for people and the community
  • Have a heart for Bless. Believe in and practice the purpose, mission, vision, and culture of Bless.
  • Lead by example. Use Bless, share Bless, repeat.    
  • Be a beacon of light and hope to those that are in your sphere of influence.
  • Desire to help cultivate the Bless Culture on Bless, on social media and in life! This is an everyday way of thinking that will produce everyday actions!
As a Bless Ambassador you have a support system!
  • Monthly Meetings via Zoom with the Founder
  • Purpose: To connect with one another and share ideas for sharing Bless in our communities.     
  • Provide any updates with regard to changes in the app and even take time to train on the functions and features of the app.        
  • Encourage one another.
  • Time to offer ideas and make suggestions.
  • Access to Bless Marketing Materials (ie: Business cards to easily share Bless, Discounts on Official Bless Merchandise, and a graphics package (for use in electronic communications). All the goodies you need to begin promoting Bless in your local communities! (For International Bless Ambassadors, these items may vary. Bless will do all it can to provide materials for International Ambassadors as well!)
  • Membership in the Bless Ambassadors Private Group on Bless.
  • As an Ambassador, Bless will commit to help you in your life, and business, in whatever way possible! This can include promotion of you as an Ambassador on other social media outlets and other future communications (ie: through emails and podcasts)  


Have Questions? 

Email me: tarae@bless-app.com 

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